Enterprise Management Group (EMG) has developed a unique approach, combining employee engagement with cost reduction, called Sustained Earnings Improvement (SEI).  What makes EMG's  approach unique is that in ten-weeks we deliver both the financial and engagement results as opposed to the results of a survey.



  • EMG, reporting to the CEO, is responsible for developing the CEO video message to employees, asking only one question and then tracking the execution of every approved employee issue.

  • The SEI process Temporarily suspends the negative aspects of corporate culture, politics, and silos

  • Employees become more engaged as they see changes occurring every week

  • Improvement to the income statement is based solely on employee input, resulting in a signiificant boost to morale

  • SEI is complete in 10 weeks

  • Fees are contingency based

  • Typically generates sustainable SG&A reductions of 10% to 18% even when directly following previous cost projects

  • The process has been continuously improved for 20 years

  • SEI is a powerful post merger tool as well, every forgotten or ignored opportunity is abundantly clear to the employees

  • Executives gain a clear understanding of how their managers connect their contribution to the P&L

  • At the conclusion of the project the client retains the non-exclusive rights to the process