Our offering: "A  sustainable 10% to 15%, enterprise wide expense reduction using only employee input and completed in just ten weeks.  


EMG offers its Sustained Earnings Improvement process as a way for companies to make significant changes to employee engagement and the income statement while taking only ten weeks.  The majority of results will be focused on cost reduction, however SEI is a free form process and has always produced product improvement, revenue opportunities, identified risk, solved employee engagement issues, and surprisingly,  opportunities to reduce capital.  Our fees are based solely on the sustainable SG&A savings.

 The SEI process is presented directly to the CEO and officers. We explain exactly how it works, why it works and why  SEI takes ONLY TEN WEEKS.  We are particularly proud that several of our projects were obtained in direct competition with top tier consulting companies.

  SEI is not a fix it all process.  Some things will be identified which require other skills that are then obtained accordingly.  Historically, the vast majority of SEI savings were the result of STOPPING things, which no longer provide value.  

 The best consultants you'll ever hire are already on your payroll, your employees!  Get the politics, culture and silos out of the way and they'll shock you with the results.